World of Animals at Mayfair is a full-service hospital providing veterinary services for dogs and cats in the Northeast Philadelphia area. We help pets live healthy, happy lives with our expert medical care. The services we offer include, but are not limited to, Physical Examinations, Vaccinations, Dental Care, Surgical Care, Treatment of Illness & Injury, Heartworm Prevention and Treatment, Spaying and Neutering, Allergy Relief, and Flea and Tick Control.

World of Animals at Mayfair is committed to excellence in animal health care. All our veterinarians and staff are pet owners themselves. We empathize with you as an owner and know from firsthand experience how deeply you love your furry family member. We honor your concern for their health by providing the highest level of veterinary care with compassion and understanding.

We see our patients’ owners not simply as clients but as fellows in our common love of animals; we strive to maintain a positive relationship with them through exceptional client & patient service. Not only does this ensure your comfort and convenience, but it also helps us to work together in caring for your pet.

As veterinarians, we rely on clear and consistent communication with our clients. It is critical to share any information concerning your pet’s medical history and recent health (including shifts in behavior) that you have. A good relationship with our staff also helps ensure they have the tools necessary to keep your pets healthy. Our patient’s health does not leave our minds when you walk out of the hospital. We strive to educate you on the right diet, exercise, and care needed to help prevent health issues from arising.

The veterinarians and staff at our hospital keep their focus on providing the best possible medical care to our patients and the highest degree of courtesy to our clients. World of Animals at Mayfair is overseen by Jeffrey Stupine VMD, our medical director.

He and the staff at our hospital stand at the cutting edge of veterinary care. Our doctors stay on top of all new advances in their field, progressing alongside the constant march of scientific progress. Our doctors and staff then work together to translate their comprehensive knowledge into effective treatment to help your pet live a longer, healthier, and happier life with you.

Our Pledge

The owners, doctors and staff of World of Animals Veterinary Hospitals pledge to you that we will do everything in our power to provide the highest quality veterinary care for your pet and excellent customer service for you.
New clients: if you are not happier with our service than your previous veterinarian’s, please let our staff know, and we will waive the first exam fee charge from your invoice.*
Existing clients: you know us and our standard of quality care. If at any point you feel our service has declined or is less than what you have come to expect from the World of Animals Team, please ask to speak to a manager or our Medical Director immediately so we can rectify the matter.
Thank you for choosing World of Animals Veterinary Hospital for your pets’ care.

*new clients must have records from their previous veterinarian; staff must be notified at time of check out; applies to exam fee portion of invoice only.

World of Animals at Mayfair is your Animal Hospital for Pets in Northeast Philadelphia.