Dog Grooming in Northeast Philadelphia

Dogs are known for their rambunctious and playful energy. Rolling around in the grass, running through puddles and playing fetch are among their favorite playtime activities. More often than not, the outside tends to stay matted in their fur. At World of Animals Mayfair, we offer affordable pet grooming as one of our many services for your pup. Our groomer will make your furry friend look, feel, and smell their best.

Dogs of all sizes and breeds can be professionally groomed, including bathing and nail trimming. Our groomer can do breed specific clips, just a trim or complete shave-offs, depending on the owner’s wishes. She will be happy to discuss the best options to achieve a healthy, comfortable coat for your pup.

Grooming your dog regularly can help address any abnormalities your dog might have on their skin, ears, and Teeth. Our groomer will be able to notice and identify these irregularities on your pup, and consult with you if you would like to see one of our veterinarians for that concern.

Northeast Philadelphia Dog Grooming

All dogs coming in for bathing and grooming must meet World of Animals vaccination requirements. Please call today to schedule an appointment 215-624-8433.